Nowadays it's really important to remember who are you, why are you here and what you should do to feel good.

We usually forget about that beautiful human that we see in the mirror every morning. We always just hate ourselves because someone told us that we aren't as good as someone else. Well, than why I should be like someome else when I want to stay myself?

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The most important thing is to believe in your own power. I know it's difficult but you have to try.

1. Start your day with a smile and happiness.

Even if you feel bad. Even if everything goes down and you don't want to be here. Just let your face shine for a second. Listen to some good music while you are getting ready for school or whatever. Dress as you want. Put on some bright lipstic and grab some chocolate just because you want. Don't worry about your weight just for one day. Don't pay attention to that f*ckboy just for one second.

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2. Find your own beauty.

There is something in you, that is unique and lovely cute. Your hair, your lips, your voice or even the way you cry. You have to talk with yourself to find it. When you will understand what is your powerful side - use it to start loving yourself as everything starts from one little step.

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3. Don't compare yourself to others.

Actually this one is very important. In my own experience I know, that I'll always feel myself worse after comparing myself to someone else. "She has more beautiful hair, bigger eyes, pretty smile, rich life..." Just get out of it. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND LOVED.

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4. Try to find something, that makes you happy.

Having things in your life, that makes you feel relaxed is very important. It can be good music, films, shopping, doing your makeup or hair, spending some time in the hot bath or an evening with your friends, when you can forget about all your insecurities for some time.

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5. Try something, that you've been scared to get into your life.

Maybe you should change your lifestyle. Try something different. Start doing different kinds of sport. Start eating more fruits and drinking more water. Read some stuff. Buy some flowers or plants to your room or even get a pet! Change the way you are living, starting with small steps.

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I hope i helped someone somehow
Don't forget: I am here for you.
Lots of love,