Dear followers,

This article contains a tribute to you. I also collected some followers data and made a graph. Enjoy this article!

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Talking with pictures is universally appealing. -Evan Spiegel

♕ Thankyou hearters
I am very happy my WHI account, that was made in 2012, reached the 25k followers, thankyou all so much! I just heart all the pictures I like and I heart all the quotes that encourage me. It makes me happy to discover there are people with the same interests, feelings, questions… I also really enjoy your poetry talents!

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The greatest moments are those when you see the result pop up in a graph or in your statistics analysis. -Emily Oster

♕ Statistical graph
Because I have something with figures, I thought of something with WHI in order to be able to express this. Maybe an idea for WHI to add statistics for hearters. It would be very nice to get more information about our accounts!

I wanted to analytic the growth in my followers, so for a while I kept track of the number of my followers.

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With this data I made a statistical graph. The statistical graph below shows the growth between March 21th to April 1st.

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April 1, 2018: 70,328 Hearts / 37,192 Posts / 25,006 Followers _ April 28, 2018: 72,583 Hearts // 38,272 Posts // 40,011 Followers _ October 21, 2018 79,023 Hearts // 40,821 Posts // 74,118 Followers___ November 30, 2018 81,769 Hearts // 41,915 Posts // 76,420 Followers ___ December 29, 2018 84,969 Hearts // 43,331 Posts // 78,095 Followers ___ September 22, 2019 95,301 Hearts // 48,250 Posts // 101,207 Followers ___ December 31, 2019 99,246 Hearts // 50,298 Posts // 110,788 Followers ___ December 25, 2021 106,797 Hearts // 55,147 Posts // 127,983 Followers
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Thanks for reading and have a nice day :)