❤️ Hello guys. Thanks for clicking on this article. Here I will tell you my plans for future and how I picture it. Let's get into the article:

My House

I picture it as a modern house or apartment in California. I want it to have 4 bedrooms, for me, my children and guests. I would like to have a big kitchen. I want to have an indoor pool, a library and a gym. SPECIAL WISH: I need a huge fridge ❤️❤️❤️

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That's pretty much how I pictured it. What do you think?


I want to work as a pharmacist. At first, I was quite insecure, but now I am working extra hard on achieving my dreams and goals. SPECIAL MESSAGE: You can do anything, if only you dare. Good luck!

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Who would need 4 bedrooms if there are no people in the house? I want to have 2 children and to be happily married. I believe that you can find love, just look outside the box.


I plan on spending my Sunday morning in a cafe with my friends and talk to them, then I would hit the gym or go home, it all depends.

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I want to go to tropical resorts, like Bora Bora, and in winter I want to go to Switzerland, because of al the skiing.

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The End

That was it for now. I hope you enjoyed it or got motivated at least a little bit.
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