1.The Flash

the flash, flash, and barry allen image barry allen, flash, and the flash image Temporarily removed cisco, grant gustin, and the flash image

2.The Big Bang Theory

big bang theory image sheldon, the big bang theory, and loser image sarcasm, the big bang theory, and leonard image alone, the big bang theory, and cry image


betty cooper, veronica lodge, and cheryl blossom image riverdale, pop, and vintage image riverdale, lili reinhart, and camila mendes image Betty and pops image

4.Pretty Little Liars

pretty little liars, pll, and ashley benson image pll, spoby, and pretty little liars image pretty little liars, caleb, and hanna image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

5.How I Met Your Mother

barney, Barney Stinson, and how i met your mother image Temporarily removed how i met your mother, himym, and Barney Stinson image Image removed

6.13 Reasons Why

Image removed Image removed 13 reasons why, clay jensen, and netflix image 13 reasons why, hannah baker, and justin foley image

7.Stranger Things

stranger things, steve, and wallpaper image stranger things image Temporarily removed finn, wolfhard, and theme image


chris, eva, and skam image skam, thomas hayes, and william image skam, eva, and sana image skam, isak, and eva image

9.Game of Thrones

Inspiring Image on We Heart It game of thrones, daenerys targaryen, and emilia clarke image jon snow, game of thrones, and got image game of thrones, horse, and white image


Supergirl, melissa benoist, and the flash image Image removed Image removed Temporarily removed


victoria, albert, and couple image jenna, series, and victoria image couple, Queen, and series image Alfred, drummond, and drumfred image

12.2 Broke Girls

Temporarily removed dead, quotes, and inside image Image removed Temporarily removed


younger, series, and tvland image younger and series image Hilary Duff, poster, and tv land image abs, adorable, and bae image

14.Kara Sevda

kara sevda and ‪burak özçivit image actress, beautiful, and black dress image kara sevda, endless love, and love image ask, emir, and kara sevda image

15.Life Sentence

beautiful, Queen, and pretty little liars image Image by Manon Winchester lucy hale and life sentence image lucy hale and life sentence image

16.Once Upon A Time

book, once upon a time, and ️ouat image once upon a time, storybrooke, and ouat image Image removed once upon a time and ️ouat image

17.Famous in Love

actress, freeform, and model image bella thorne and famous in love image carter jenkins, bella thorne, and famous in love image Temporarily removed

18.Teen Wolf

teen wolf, tyler posey, and dylan o'brien image teen wolf, stiles, and stydia image Temporarily removed 6b image

19.Super Girl

actress, babe, and beautiful image arrow, Supergirl, and the flash image actress, model, and stunning image Image removed

20.The End of The F***ing World

quotes, Alyssa, and netflix image alex lawther, netflix, and jessica barden image netflix, couple, and james image james, quotes, and netflix image