#StoryTemplate Challenge

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This Or That

Coffee OR Tea

tea, book, and travel image

Sweet OR Savoury

food, burger, and drink image

City OR Beach

city, new york, and bridge image

Books OR Movies

movie, bed, and room image

Night In OR Night Out

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Dog OR Cat

cat, book, and cute image

Pizza OR Pasta

food, pizza, and salad image

Name Your Favourite...


london, city, and Big Ben image


black, fashion, and outfit image

Music Genre

quotes, body, and light image

School Subject

art, boring, and college image


art, paint, and colors image


chocolate, food, and milkshake image

About Me Q & A

Always In My Bag

case, iphone, and black image

A Bad Habit I Have

pink, cigarette, and smoke image

First Thing I Do In The Morning

animal, dog, and sleep image

A Fear I Have

bee, photography, and aesthetic image

Beauty Q & A

Favourite Makeup Brand

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Favourite Skincare Brand

Can't Live Without Product

black, eyeliner, and white image

A Product I dislike

makeup, eyeshadow, and eyelashes image

Favourite Place To Shop For Makeup

sephora, photography, and luxury image

Currently Loving Place

love, couple, and window image


beach, boy, and couple image

Netflix Show

Abusive image

Celeb Crush

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Quilty Pleasure

pink, food, and strawberry image

Travel Q & A

How many Countries I have Visited


My Favourite Places So Far

Dream, dreamcatcher, and sunset image

Where I Want To Go The Most

Image removed

The Country With The Best Food

argentina, eat, and food image

Relationship Q & A

First Thing You Notice In A Guy

smile, flowers, and happy image

Most Attractive Physical Feature

rain, hand, and grunge image

Most Attractive Personality Trait

art, awesome, and boy image

Which Would You'd Prefer In A Partner:
Attractive / Kind Hearted

beautiful, hand, and tattoo image

Successful / Loyal

love, rings, and couple image

Extroverted / Introverted

awesome, boy, and couple image

Funny / Intelligent

quotes, happy, and people image