I don't get it?
We are chatting away and laughing in mid sentence,
but then you change...
It seems that past eight o'clock means picture time.
This is when you turn girls into objects that fit your need.
This is when you beg continuously for videos
-until one of them gives in.
This is when you toss that girls feelings into the trash...
Why do you think it's okay?
Yes, it may be a 'natural part of life'
and it may please your needs.
However, what about that girl?
When she refuses to dish out inappropriate pictures,
you treat her like an obstacle in a circuit course.
Instead of trying to overcome the obstacle in a proper manor,
you give up and skip on over to the next.
And if you can't get over, under or around the next obstacle...
You run to the next.
Haven't you realised that,
no one will be interested in potentially dating you,
or even talking to you much longer.
After all, girls want a real man and no man should beg like a hungry dog.