Ciao Miei Angeli! I feel so strongly about the things that I want to accomplish in my lifetime and was hoping that maybe some of these could inspire you to do the same.

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1) Travel more!

I've always loved to travel, even from a young age. I enjoy finding out and being engulfed by different cultures and there are so many amazing and eye opening sights to see out there. My parents always had a huge painting of the canals in venice in the house and since seeing that painting I've always wanted to go! That is another reason why I've started to teach myself Italian so when I eventually do go, I can enjoy the experience even more.
I also love to be in nature, which is why I desperately also want to visit Norway.

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2) Get Into First Choice Sixth Form/College

I know it sounds kind of cliché but I REALLY want this. They offer law which is the main part I am desperate to go since that is what I to study and the fact it isn't too far away (along with very helpful staff).
I'm already halfway there (I have a conditional placement) but I just need to ensure I get the right grades so I see A LOT of studying in my near future.

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3) Better Myself

By this I mean doing more of what I enjoy, expand my mind and better my body. While yes, i do want to become thinner, it is to better my health overall (physical and mental), I've started a gym/pool/class membership to help aid this along with eating healthier to achieve this.
I enjoy learning new things, such as things about astrology, anatomy, eastern medicine and ancient mythology, I also enjoy reading, which I've started doing more of, yoga (though I don't do it as often as I'd like and just taking a day or two to relax and regenerate.

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4) Write and Publish a Book

This is a little farfetched, I know, but people do this all the time!
I've been thinking about this for a couple of years now and I almost feel ready although I have absolutely no clue at all for what it would be about.
In all honesty, as much as I would love to do this, it seems the least likely but it is still on my bucket list incase it comes around :)

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5) Continue Photography

I started taking up photography from about 11-12 and started getting better and better. Last year I saved up my money to buy myself a DSLR and Lenses and have become so happy with the amazing shots I've taken with them. Although none of the photos above are mine, I can't wait to further my understanding of photography and take amazing shots as what are shown above.

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6) Vist a Buddhist Temple

Although this could technically come under Travel, I wanted to reserve its own spot on my bucket list. I think Buddhism is a beautiful religion and at one point was thinking about converting but came to realise that I believe in a little bit of each religion. The Buddhist temples mesmerise me just from photographs so I would like to experience being at one first hand.

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7) Get My Body Back On Track

As a teenager, I generally have more issues than I should with my body that I've had from a young age, ranging all over my body. Ive tried physiotherapy which generally made my pain worse and acupuncture which only aided the pain during the time I was having it... So I'm still not better. Doctors haven't got a clue whats wrong with me yada yada yada so I'm taking my own steps to wellness. My weight, although I'm not obese, does give me a physical strain when I try to do things that a 'normal' teenager would typically be able to do. Im trying to build muscle and reduce fat generally in all areas, to protect my joints, tendons and ligaments to see if that will help with pain (which it should). However this becomes difficult since it doesn't take much for me to start being in agony and miss a week or two off school. Anyways thats the plan along with a healthy and nutritional diet.

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Bonus: Even though I am currently teaching myself Italian through Duolingo (amazing app) I would also love to learn Arabic (since most of my family already speaks it) and possibly Mandarin or Chinese.

Thank you so much for reading! That's it for now, until next time! <3

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