Hey guys! So today I'm gonna tell you my morning routine for school. It's really simple and it took me 30 minute-ish to get ready.

1. Waking Up

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I set my alarm at 5:25 a.m. and 5:30 , usually wake up at 5:30

2. Getting Ready

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After I go to the toilet ,for you know, duh , I wash my face , brush my teeth.

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1. The PIU facial cleanser.
I got this from my dermatologist and I don't know if it's really work because I don't have any facial cleanser and I am too lazy to buy it but it doesn't make me break out. So , that's good.
2. The PIU toner
Same as above , but it's actually really important for us to use toner on a cotton pad and just gently swipe around your face. Sometimes, if I don't use toner , I just feel something missing out.
3. Khiels Avocado Eye Cream
Since I sleep for 6 hours , my undereyes are very dry. And I guess you know this product because all the beauty guru swear by it.
4. Clarins Facial Cream Gel
This moisturizer is really amazing! I have pretty oily skin , but this product is water base, so it's not gonna make your skin look more oily. And even if we have oily skin , moisturizing is something we cannot skip.
5. The PIU sunscreen and CC cream
This combo is my favorite stuff. We have to protect our skin especially for a long days at school. This sunscreen has 50 SPF in it also the CC cream. I use the CC cream since I'm not using any makeup to school (my school actually doesn't allow us to wear makeup)

After my skin care and brush my teeth , it's time for hair

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So , apparently , we have to put our hair up in a ponytail , bun or braid or etc as long as we not putting it down. My go to hairstyle is just classic ponytail. EVEN it's make my hair super thin from the hair loss , but my school rule is sucks.

3. Outfit
I go to school wearing uniform so I don't have to worry picking out outfit. It's sucks because you cannot experience with different style but it's also quick and easy and you will not judge by the way you dress because everyone wear the same thing even for socks ,jeez,I know. Oh, mine are not like Japanese one and for shoes , we can use whatever brand but it has to be all black.

4. Breakfast
YEAH my favorite time in the morning because I always starving jeez. My go to breakfast is oatmeal. I eat it everyday. It's just quick , easy and pretty much keep me going until the first break. I just give a variety of toppings like banana , the granola or muesli , chia seed or other stuff. I also like to sip my coffee and add some almond milk. I enjoy my breakfast while scrolling through my social media and I do it this way because I can skip getting reading and late for school if checking my phone is the first thing to do in the morning

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5. Rushing out of door
My dad drives me to school. We usually go at 6 a.m. and arrive at 6:15-ish. My school starts at 6:30.

So that's it for my morning routine. It's pretty early and tiring to wake up at that time everyday especially if we have to study all night long. But that is student's problem so yeah! And this year is my senior year so I'm pretty happy about it thinking that I will graduatel in 1 months!



That's all for now , thanks for reading this article , it means so much for me. Good Luck ! :)

see you in my next article ! Ciao adios !