The best thing that can happen to a person is to feel the inspiration and put this feeling in something really important.
~ music ( imagine different pictures in amazing places that around you when you feel freedom and calm)
~ statements ( when you feel so bad or sad such words help and occur that you can find yourself, collect in parts)
~ books ( exactly books show us another world therefore you can be another person with another life)
~ whether( i am fond rainy and warm day or sunny and windy/ in such day has special romantic and cozy)
~ people ( always they inspired me because everyone unique amd have own world view)
~ pictures and video about travel ( when i watch this video or picture i feel infinity)
~ movies ( especially those related to motivation and self-development)

this is my first post and I know I've always wanted to write and talk about something, help and see joy
this is a trial version, I will do better and more interesting
so it's not difficult for anyone to subscribe or put a comment, I can see that everything is not in vain
thank you for attention