There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens
- Eccleseastes 3 vs 1

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There is a time when we should work and a time when we should wait, watch and let things happen. This is something I had to consciously do this month. Learn to follow as the spirit leads, not always go the path you thought you should but the path that God has made for you. It’s a little nerve wrecking for someone who always want to see the bigger picture and make a very concise plan to get there, knowing where each difficulty will be and how to get over it. But as Ari says “Baby you just gotta make your mind up that every little thing is gonna be alright”. Grow your faith until you know that even what you don’t know will be ok.

Cast all your cares upon the lord Psalms 55 vs 22
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This month really pushed me to follow through with my focus. I have been wanting something for a while now and it finally became a possibility. This together with the other 2 things I had applied for I was bordering becoming a ball of anxiety. And then I remembered my theme for this month. It became my daily mantra to keep myself focused on what I really needed to focus on. I had done all I could and I just needed to wait for results.

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“3 little birds sat on my window, and they told me I don’t need to worry” - Corinne Bailey Rae

I only got 1 of the three things I was working on, but its ok. Not that I’m ok, but its ok (this could be a whole article on its own, probably will be…). Considering that the thing I wanted most didn’t come though, I’ve been kind of crushed these past few days.

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Its ok to be disappointed but you need to pull yourself out of that space ASAP. What I’m going through could, I feel, be defined as a type of grief from the loss on the idea of what I thought my year would look like. But if we let ourselves stay in that place for too long we may miss even greater opportunities.

I went to a sermon yesterday and the pastor was speaking about this. Don’t try to be someone else. Maybe you didn’t get that job, but maybe that job isn’t for you. When you are ready, your season will come and God will open all the right doors for you.

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As I’ve mentioned this month really pushed me to trust God’s plan for my life even if it isn’t my own, and this song has now become my daily reminder:

I will be continuing this series next month ♥

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