Hello April and lovely Hearters! Today, in Greece, is a day we usually spent with our families for religious reasons since it's (the Orthodox) Easter in one week. So in honor of my family members, I present to you 5 phrases they have told me as life advice that I won't ever forget. Enjoy!

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Mom: "In life, there's a bunch of roads that can lead you to success. Don't ever think you're lost just because you followed one of them and you didn't reach success. No one gets lost!"
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Dad: "In the end, we all get what we truly deserve."
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Grandpa (mom's dad): "They don't choose you; you choose them." // Grandpa (dad's dad): "Always tell the truth. Lies can't lead you anywhere."
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Grandma (dad's mom): "Have faith to yourself and to God." // Grandma (mom's mom): "I you're going through pain, grit your teeth and move on."

+ My ex was always telling me that the best school is our families (and maybe this was the only truth he ever told me).

I'd say "That's all", but they've told me a lot more life tips. These was just the most general and meaningful in my opinion. Thanks for reading, hope I inspired you!