Hey lovelies! I know some days you can't help but feel a bit down with yourself which is perfectly fine as it happens to everybody at some point in their life. So today I have decided to compile a list to help you feel and look beautiful!

The top way to feel and look beautiful is to feel comfortable in your own skin. People with confidence are very accepting of other people as they have learnt to love all their flaws. When we accept ourselves as who we are, it opens our ability to have compassion for the struggles other people face. Confidence is in your every word, and it is very much noticed by everyone around you. The way you walk with your head held high, the way you laugh openly, how you make eye contact and are bold with your decisions. Confidence causes you to behave in a self-caring manner and base your life on healthy choices, because you appreciate and cherish yourself and your wellbeing.

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We all know change is hard and can be difficult, but it is definitely good for you. It can help push you out of your comfort zone and help you become a healthier and happier you! Change is good because you have the opportunity to embrace new experiences and can help you discover who you really are. If you are ever unhappy with yourself and desire change, then feel free to do it! Nobody can stop you from being happy and yourself!

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As you have most likely heard, a smile is the prettiest thing someone could wear. There is just something about someone smiling so genuinely that makes me feel immediately attracted to them. It is honestly beautiful when someone is so happy that they show it off to the world. Happiness gives us a better mentality, about ourselves and the people and world around us. Just remember happiness makes you beautiful, not the other way round.

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Makeup is a true best friend, especially when you are lacking in the confidence department. If it helps you feel comfortable in your own skin then use it as much as you want! Applying makeup can be very difficult to do for some people, if you are naturally talented then you should be proud of yourself and show off your skills. Just remember that you are beautiful with or without makeup.

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It is important to complete your goals as happiness comes with it and as I mentioned before, happiness helps you feel and look beautiful. You should feel proud with yourself whenever you complete one of your goals but if you do happen to fail, don't tear yourself down because there is always different things you can try.

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Always remember that you are beautiful inside and out. If you ever need someone to message, feel free to message me.

With love,
lia x

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