It was a normal day at school for a ninth grade student. At the second period his teacher was supposed to arrive to class. But, eventually the student discovers that he's absent. The student won't let the whole period go to waste. SO, he took permission from the substitution teacher and went to the CS lab. There he surfed the Internet for something good. He watched episode 14 of Boruto : Naruto Next Generations. He was so excited that he brought with him a bottle of milk from his bag in class. Then a huge , gigantic, glowing fiercely light bulb appeared above his head. He dreamt of the A.H.A.A . That student is Ahmed H. Alawi . Soon , he started printing anime pictures and drawing them . He sold the the drawings for a reasonable price to save money so he can buy at least the first volume of Naruto . He gathered friends (trustworthees) to work with him . They called themselves the A.H.A.A at that time , students who started watching anime grew . You could say from %1.7 to %6.2 . To the A.H.A.A , it was a huge leap . Ofcourse , if they want to stretch their hands to the outside they need to establish the company(officially) . They didn't know how. They started selling their drawings on family , neighbors , and even people walking down the street(if you actually spot anyone). Those ninth graders' leader and establisher is me . Anyone who would like to join us , please contact us at : and we'll try to reply to you as soon as possible . Bye!