„I have never been loved“ ,she whispers
„and you made me think I was..at least for a while.“
She felt her tears dripping down her cheek and she could see the same tears on his face too.
„Why? Why would you lie to me like that?“ , she cried and hated herself for sounding so broken.

He looked away and thought of all the moments they had been through together, but she was right. He was not in love with her and he should have told her that a long time ago. Instead he just played with her feelings, because he didn’t want to feel alone.
She was his red herring and now he knew it was wrong. She was suffering, he could see that.

„I- I don’t know what to say, without breaking your heart.“

„Break it. I don’t care anymore“ 

„You’re amazing Bella, you really are, but I don’t feel like I’m in love with you. You were my shore. You saved me from drowning. That’s why I couldn’t tell you how I felt about you. I was scared that you would leave me alone on the beach..stranded.“

She started shaking and saw her world crumbling in front of her eyes. He was crumbling.
She couldn’t feel her heart breaking, but she knew it was.
It was shattered into a million pieces. He was her isle and now she was back in the ocean. Sinking back into her terrible reality. 
„Bella? Please, say something. Anything. Please.“
„What is there left to say? I can’t do anything to make you love me. It is just how it’s meant to be.
I never was your shore. You always were my anchor and you knew that, didn’t you?“

„I still can be. Maybe we were meant to be best friends. We saved each other from a bad place in our life and this experience bonded us together forever, right?“

No. Nothing was right.

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