Hi sugarcubes! This is my first article :-). I want to give you some tips and tricks on how to eat healthy, lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. All these tips have worked perfectly for me and I hope they will also be helpul for you. Every body is perfect and I'm not saying you have to lose weight. These tips will help you if you want to lose weight yourself :-). Let's jump right into it.

Drink a lot of water

This is kinda obvious. It is important to hydrate yourself throughout the day by drinking lots of water. I really like to have a unsweetened tea in the morning. If I ever get bored with water, I just flavor it with some slices of raspberries, mint, cucumber, ginger, lemon or whatever I can find in my kitchen. It's fun and motivates me to drink more.

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Accept feeling hungry from time to time

Just to put this clear first: I do NOT recommend to starve yourself! When you're really hungry, you should eat e. g. when you've worked out. I'm not promoting eating disorders in any way. However, today we are surrounded by so many foods and temptations. Often we eat so much that we are not even hungry before a meal anymore. It should actually be very normal to be hungry before we eat. So I encourage you to listen to your body and its signs. Eat when you're hungry and let it be if you're not. Sometimes it can be diffucult to sense if your body is really hungry or just makes you feel hungry because of a habit. Remember: Physical hunger comes on gradually, while emotional hunger is sudden. True hunger can be satisfied with any food. If only a particular food will do, you’re not really hungry.

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Eat enough carbs and healthy fats

Fat does not make you fat, but excess calorie intakte does. Even though balanced meals are important, it is perfectly fine to have burgers, fries or pizza every one in a while. If you want to lose weight a calorie deficit counts at the end of the day/week/month. Of course we should eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, however we need to have a proper amount of healthy fats and carbs in our diet. I love this quote from Gigi Hadid: "Eat clean to stay fit; have a burger to stay sane."

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Hack when dining out

I discovered this hack recently by myself and I think its awesome! I love dining out with friends and have a good time, however the meals served in restaurants are usually high in salt, sugar, carbs and fats and the portion sizes are just too big. Instead of having a starter followed by a main course I would just order a small sized main course or a salad with a small main course. What I also really to do is order two starters as a main course, that way you are to balance your meal by have a healthier part (e. g. a salad, summer rolls or a soup) and another part which can be starter-sized fries, tacos, foccacia or whatever you like. This mix and match-technique has several advantages: First, it's easier to control your portion size and thereby protects you from overeating. Second, ordering two starters is often less expensive than ordering a main course. Third, you can try more foods that are on the menu, you can still have your fries or pizza but a smaller/appropriate serving of it.

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Eat the rainbow

A good guideline for making healthy choices is to eat foods in many different colors. Not artificial colors, but those of fresh fruits and veggies. It will help you balance your meals and make them look pretty.

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Natural appetite supressants

This is really helpful especially when you start to eat healthier and listen to your bodys signs. White sugar and fat can be highly addictive to the brain, so if you change your diet you can still struggle with a high appetite and cravings. This can feel uncomfortable and forces you to think about food all day. What really helped me personally is drinking water, chewing on gum, consuming anything with ginger, grapefuit or lemon (tea, juice, or pure) as well as caffeine (I don't like coffee but sometimes I put guarana in my smoothie or in my tea).

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Speaking of appetite supressants, working out is a good one too. Make sure to move your body as much as possible and take the stairs whenever you can. Working out relases endorphins which will make you feel good.

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Put effort into eating healthy

Take your time to prepare and plan your meals. Chop and pack different fruits, so you will be much more likely to eat them because they are already bite-sized. Try to make as much meals as possible by yourself so you have the control over how much sugar, fat and salt your dish contains. Take your time to prepare a healthy breakfast in the morning, it is so rewarding and will motivate you to eat healthy all day long. I really love making a green smoothie or banana porridge for breakfast at the moment.

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Be proud of little changes

Don't give up if you have a bad day. Everyday is a chance for a fresh new start. One or two days of eating bad won't change anything if you eat healthy in general. Be proud of every little step, for example cutting out soda or experimenting with smoothies. Remember that every big change comes from small steps.

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Dealing with sugar cravings

Cutting out white sugar in your diet from one day to the next can feel uncomfortable. It's possible to feel sick, dizzy or even headaches are quite common. Unfortunately there's no magic trick to that issue. Just know that you have to go through it to get rid of your cravings and that it is normal to feel like this. Getting rid of cravings is so rewarding because after it will be so much more easy to make healthy choices.

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That's it! I hope you liked it, have a wonderful day :-). And if you're celebrating, happy easter!
xoxo Nicky