Hi everyone!

It's finally Easter break! That means lots of free time, holidays and sitting in front of your computer for hours, in your onesie of course! Anyways, in a couple of days I'm flying to Ibiza, and I'm so hyped! So, to get into the right spirit, I decided to make a travel bucking list. Enjoy! xx

P.S. Am I the only one who loves Hard Rock t-shirts and sweaters? I just need to buy them in every place I visit. โ˜บ



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I've already been to Rome a couple of times, but i really want to visit the rest of Italy as well. In the last year of high school, we're gonna travel across Italy for 10 days with our class, and it's gonna be 10 days full of pizza, pasta and gelato โ˜บ. I can't wait!


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Home country of my babies, 5sos. I really, really want to visit Australia one day. Me and some of my best friends already made a deal that we're going to go on a roadtrip here, once we're done with our senior year. Koala's , here I come.


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I've already visited Paris like 7 times, but I just can't get enough! I really want to come here with my boyfriend one day, just for the romantic vibe that's everywhere in this city.

New York.

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Does this one even need any explanation? like, at all? NY is one of my dream destinations. Posing by the statue of liberty, strolling around Central Park and shopping in cute vintage stores? Yes, please.

Disney World.

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Disney, disney, disney! I love Disney sm. Can someone donate me a plane ticket so I can meet Mickey Mouse, hug Baymax and buy a huge Stitch?


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I. love. London. I've been here once, for my tenth birthday, and even back then, I immediately fell in love with the city. one of my all time favorites!

Los Angeles.

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Sun, sea and some of my favorite celebrities. Can I please go there? There are lots of things to visit, there's food from all over the world and there is a slight chance I'll meet Harry Styles or Louis Tomlinson. LA, here I come.


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I love the classical antiquity, it's my favorite part of history. And where can I read my books about Greek myths better than in Greece? Visiting Mykonos, Athena and lots of other places to learn more about their culture? It's a yes from me!


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And last but not least: Ibiza. I honestly can't wait 'till I'm there! Going on a bike trip, walking around in shorts (i hope..) and just enjoying everything the island has to offer!



Bye! โ™ฅ