hey guys! here we go again. more music, 11th playlist!! thank you all for the support...now, lay down and imagine any scenario that goes well with this beautiful playlist <3
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1. OT by Niykee Heaton
2. drugs by EDEN
alone, elsa hosk, and night image skin, Effy, and smoke image dark, luxury, and night image halsey image
3. if i could i would feel nothing by blackbear
4. Is There Somewhere by Halsey
kendall jenner, dior, and model image
5. Wasted Times by Weeknd
6. Apocalypse by Cigarettes After Sex
car, love, and couple image aesthetic, alternative, and bathroom image actor, actress, and couple image pale, hand, and plants image
7. Sunburn by Ed Sheeran
8. She Lays Down by The 1975
grunge, hipster, and indie image
9. Verbatim n moodz by Blackbear ft. 24hrs
10. bad days by Tove Lo
blackbear image red, tumblr, and tove lo image

another one is done. share love and take care of ur self

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x o x o bye<3