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First of all, HAPPY EASTER!
It's easter and it's 8:04 am right now and I just woke up and had a idea... I see these articles lately where people spell their name with animals, flowers etc. I also want to try this but with Disney characters. (I love Disney too much).
I'm now preparing for my disneyland audition next week so I wanted to write a Disney related article.
(credits to the created who started these 'my name in...' articles)

  • my name: MYRTHE
M: Merida
Y: Yzma
R: Rapunzel
T: Tiana
H: Hercules
E: Elsa
aurora, disney, and philip image

Now this is short... let's take my whi username:

S: Sebastian
P: Pocahontas
A: Anna
R: Robin Hood
K: Kronk
L: Le Fou
E: Eugene
S: Stitch
A: Aurora
N: Nala
D: Dopey
S: Sarabi
M: Mad Hatter
I: Ichabod
L: Lady
E: Esmeralda
S: Simba
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April 1, 2018