1. Perks of Being a Wallflower
by: Stephen Chbosky

Inspiring Image on We Heart It book, photography, and vintage image infinite, quotes, and infinity image emma watson, logan lerman, and movie image

2.The Fault in Our Stars
by: John Green

the fault in our stars, hazel, and Shailene Woodley image quote, the fault in our stars, and tfios image Temporarily removed love, the fault in our stars, and tfios image

3. Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters
by: Rick Riordan

percy jackson, aesthetic, and book image aesthetic, books, and sea of monsters image aesthetic, books, and character image book and percy jackson image

4. The Selection Series
by: Kiera Cass

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, aesthetics, and natalie image blue, books, and elite image

5. Hunger Games Trilogy
by: Suzanne Collins

Temporarily removed book, fight, and movie image book, hunger games, and the hunger games image grunge, quotes, and the hunger games image

6. Thirteen Reasons Why
by: Jay Asher

vintage, music, and cassette image Inspiring Image on We Heart It 13 reasons why, hannah baker, and background image Temporarily removed

7. School for Good and Evil Series
by: Soman Chainani

Temporarily removed Mature image Image removed book, books, and livros image

8. Just One Day Series
by: Gayle Forman

books, gayle forman, and reading image france, love, and glam image passport, travel, and pink image travel, heart, and map image

9. My heart and Other Blackholes
by: Jasmine Warga

Image by foreverland water, hands, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

10. Looking for Alaska
by: John Green

smoke, cigarette, and grunge image book and flowers image fire, match, and grunge image john green, looking for alaska, and how i heart image

11. Everyday and Another Day
by: David Levithan

book, coffee, and david image Temporarily removed Image removed alone, book, and everyday image

12. Shatter Me Series
by: Tahereh Mafi

book, chicago, and lingerie image Inspiring Image on We Heart It jail and prison image Temporarily removed

13. Harry Potter Series
by: J.K Rowling

harry potter, hogwarts, and diagon alley image always, books, and harry potter image Temporarily removed harry potter, book, and hogwarts image

14. Delirium Series
by: Lauren Oliver

Temporarily removed delirium and Pandemonium image dark, gray, and grey image Abusive image

15. Six of Crows Duology
by: Leigh Bardugo

photography, ocean, and summer image animal, wolf, and dog image Temporarily removed crow, bird, and black image

16. The Sun is Also a Star
by: Nicola Yoon

Image by Beka purple, aesthetic, and japan image Image by Your's truly stars, blue, and aesthetic image

17. Everything, Everything
by: Nicola Yoon

flowers, nature, and ocean image book, the little prince, and reading image girl, forest, and run image Image by xrchllx

18. Aristotle and Dante Discovering the Secrets of the Universe
By: Benjmin Saenz

kiss, boy, and gay image bird image book, fanart, and aristotle and dante image Image removed

19.An Ember in the Ashes Series
by: Sabaa Tahir

horse, man, and désert image Mature image Image removed golshifteh farahani image

20. Legend Trilogy
by: Marie Lu

Image removed books, champion, and legend image Temporarily removed champion, legend, and marie image

21. Every Last Word
by: Tamara Ireland Stone

Image by xrchllx blue, girl, and naked image Image by xrchllx aesthetic, cassette, and earphones image

22. Ready Player One
by: Ernest Cline

Image by azarovajulya 80s, arcade, and classic image game, street fighter, and zelda image book and ready player one image

23. Turtles All The Way Down
by: John Green

aesthetic, art, and blood image Abusive image stars, astronomy, and vintage image boat and aesthetic image

24. Insanity Series
by: Cameron Jace

disney, movie, and alice in a wonderland image book, alice, and coffee image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

25. Warcross
by: Marie Lu

Image by Jessica programmer and coder image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

26. A Thousand Pieces of You
by: Claudia Gray

vintage, art, and paint image book and text image feet, universe, and socks image excellence image

27. Simon vs. The Homosapien Agenda
by:Becky Albertalli

aesthetic, alternative, and artistic image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed baking, breakfast, and coffee image

28. What To Say Next
By: Julie Buxbaum

accident, grunge, and car image cover, study, and we heart it image butterfly, quotes, and words image atom, quotes, and grunge image

29. A Darker Shade of Magic
By: V. E. Schwab

boy, ginger, and aesthetic image art, drawing, and illustration image quotes, monster, and red image girl, sad, and black image

30. Caraval
By:Stephanie Garber

tarot cards image Image by Joanna night image architecture and stairs image

31. Under The Rose Tainted Skies
By:Louise Gornall

afraid, emotional, and fear image anxiety, soft, and book image book, film, and agoraphobia image vintage image

32. Strange The Dreamer
By: Laini Taylor

baby, blue, and pretty image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed dark academia, aesthetic, and dark image