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I don't have a specific style, but I like the 80's and 90's vibes.


tea, gold, and aesthetic image Image by Djihan Temporarily removed nails, white, and gold image
Gold is such a majestic color, just like my inner me


victoria justice image Temporarily removed grunge, friends, and night image Temporarily removed
Dance, deep conversations, hanging out w/ my friends and the internet


cat, animal, and glasses image cat, girl, and primrose image cats image aesthetic, cats, and photography image
They're just the cutest animals in the entire world omg i jus wana die


food, burger, and fries image Image removed Temporarily removed strawberry, cake, and food image
All about fast food, Italian food, chocolate and strawberries are my favs


drawing, meme, and suffering image Temporarily removed fashion, favourite, and style image formation, wallpaper, and beyoncé image serious, wallpaper, and emoji image
Sometimes I am a very sad and fragile person, and sometimes I feel like the Queen herself on Earth. But externally I usually am neutral or very cheerful. I rarely get angry.


Temporarily removed restaurant, italy, and sea image angels, antique, and architecture image girl, travel, and city image
My dream is to live in Italy and know everything about its culture, gastronomy and its beaches


home, interior, and house image car, pink, and mustang image cash, currency, and dollars image books, bookshelves, and home decor image
A classic car, a simple apartment (but cute) with tons of books and lots of money to spend on food and travel.


books, frases, and libros image books image frases, libros, and el psicoanalista image books, frases, and libros image
El psicoanalista (The analyst) by John Katzenbach.


movie and the color purple 1982 image film, movie, and the color purple image film, movie, and the color purple image Temporarily removed
The Color Purple by Steven Spielberg.


room, bed, and bedroom image handwriting, inspire, and quote image lazy me. image bathroom, best friend, and dog image captions, daydreaming, and life image simpsons, bart, and the simpsons image
My life has always been boring if we except all the drama in which I am involved (I always generate it). I am a very messy, frustrated, stressed person and tend to retain emotions, so I almost always feel tired and on the verge of emotional collapse. Everything gives me laziness, everything tires me, but I never lose the enthusiasm to go out for a walk, to travel or eat.

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