Hello ladies,

I've had quite a few products pending on my wishlist in the last few months, from beauty products, makeup and fashion trends I've fallen in love with, so I figured I'd share them with you. Enjoy!

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Lately I've only done some window shopping at Sephora because every time I go in the store, I get hypnotised by all the products and buy many unnecessary things. So my wish list has the Giorgio Armani red lipstick and silk foundation, because I'm trying to renew my basic, timeless products.

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Another must-have that I want to purchase is the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder, paired with a good concealer, probably from Nars. These two are everywhere these days, so I figured I should put them on my list.

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And my last beauty product would defenetly be a highlighter, because nobody shines brighter than us, right? So you will defenetly find the Becca highlighter here- basic all the way!

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this product has a great texture and it is really pigmented


If you've read my previous beauty routine article, then you know that I'm a glowy, moisturizer girl. So on my wish list you will find the beauty oils from Ordinary and the Vichy Idealia moisturizer, because I've ran out of it.

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This month I have fallen in love with several trends. The ones I like the most are the sleek and baggy outfits, cropped tops and cropped T-shirts, tight dresses and funky but elegant sunglasses. So, breaking it down into categories:

  • Jeans and pants- distressed fit, mom jeans that make the butt look good, and the Gia the label pants.
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  • T-shirts- plain white croped T-shirts
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  • Cropped tops
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  • Tight dresses- Kim K style
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  • Sunglasses- all funky but still classy
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That's all ladies, hope you liked it!

Love, Cara