So I have recently wanted to do one of these just for people to know a little bit about me as well as I have always kind of wanted to have an internet friend. So feel free to send me a message! :)

1. I am 16 years old

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2. I LOVE taking pictures of others especially for their instagrams

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3. I have dark brown eyes

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4. I plan on joining the U.S Navy

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5. I hope to make a positive impact on peoples lives

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6. I currently do online school and plan to graduate a year early

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7. I seriously Love country music but I also listen to everything else

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8. I recently cut off hella people in my life and I only really have 2 friends and I am completely fine with that :)

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9. I can't see myself in a serious relationship because I think I love myself too much :/ But I have accepted that

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10. I love wearing makeup but I am fine leaving the house with none on

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11. I am a morning person

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12. I love having "me" time

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13. I STRONGLY belief in the law of attraciton

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