hi! here are 5 of my favorite shows to watch:

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The Office

the office is definitely popular which makes total sense. it's hilarious and so much happens. you will find yourself up in the late hours of the night laughing your a** off. you'll always want to keep re-watching this series.


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Stranger Things

you have most likely heard about this science fiction netflix original on social media. this is one of the best shows ever made. it's a bunch of very young actors and actresses fighting the unknown in the 80's of Hawkins, Indiana. you will fall in love with all of these characters!


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dexter has to be one of the creepiest but most interesting shows there is. it's about a man who happens to be a serial killer that only kills criminals who have murdered before and he also happens to be a forensic 'geek' at the Miami Metro Homicide. this show is done absolutely perfectly but there a few triggers such as a ton of blood, rape, murder, etc. but other than that, this is definitely a show you won't be able to keep your eyes off!!


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That 70s Show

this funky tv show really gives you the perfect thoughts of the 1970s in America. filled with groovy music and feels, pot of course, the fashion, and full of many hilarious jokes and references.


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Gilmore Girls

gilmore girls is about a very close relationship of a mother and daughter. they're each other's best friends and know each other better than anyone else. this show will have you in your emotions and laughter. you'll feel as if you belong in Stars Hollow.

-the end-

thank you for reading and i hope you check out these shows!

- jill