Enjoyyy <3

A- Age
I'm 16, and I'll be 17 in August!

B - Best Movie/Series
My all time favourite movie would have to be the Harry Potter series

C - Current Time
12:26 pm

D - Drink I Last Had
Orange juiceee

E - Every Day Starts With
Nonstop scrolling on my phone and coffeee

F - Favourite Songs
-> 1950 by King Princess
-> In My Blood by Shawn Mnendes
-> Good Nights by Whethan, Mascolo

G - Grossest Memory
Having a pet snail in gr5 and it escaping..

I - I'm in love with
Dogs, stationery, painting, pizza

J - Jealous
Of optimists... I'm so negative

K - Killed Someone
Not yet, no :p

L - Last Time You Cried
Today afternoon

M - Middle Name

N - Number of Siblings
1 older sister!

O - One Wish
To be satisfied with myself, and stop constantly wanting to change everything

P - Person you last called/texted
My sister!

Q - Question you're always asked
What do you want to order?

R - Reasons to Smile
-> My adorable dog
-> My family and friends
-> Foooddd

S - Song you Last Song
Hoedown Throwdown by Miley Cyrus.. Don't judge me

T - Time you woke up
9:30 am

U - Underwear Colour

V - Vacation Place
Anywhere with mountains and hiking trails

W - Worst Habit

X - X-Rays You've Had
All I can remember are x-rays my dentist takes of my teeth

Y - Your Favourite Food
Probably pizza but I love EVERYTHING

Z - Zodiac Sign
I'm a Leoooo

Thanks for reading!!