I wanted to write this as a way of showing appreciation. Sometimes I forget to be grateful for what I have... and I really do have amazing friends.

↠ ka

cat, cute, and photography image photography, camera, and vintage image girl, hair, and vintage image bed, indie, and lay image
cats, hannah montana references, braids, and too much coffee

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↠ cb

hair, blonde, and bun image california, theme, and style image pretty little liars, pll, and series image Image removed
dreams of california, sports, pure sunshine, netflix

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↠ kl

aesthetic, boys, and cigarette image girl, hair, and indie image Temporarily removed food image
going out to eat way too much, perfect eyebrows, ed sheeran, dancing into the night

↠ lp

boy, black and white, and photography image gameboy, pink, and blue image Temporarily removed Image by tinakserw
composing music and grinning, video games and bus rides

↠ lj

t-shirt, the beatles, and vintage image Abusive image feminism, feminist, and girl image Image removed
hardcore feminism, bold eyeliner, bad friends, and band tees

↠ kc

aesthetic image book, bag, and read image Temporarily removed bambi, earbuds, and grey image
star wars, binging netflix, reading... and reading and reading

↠ choir

couple, boy, and friends image Temporarily removed love, couple, and goals image Temporarily removed best friends, bff, and girls image career, music, and musician image
And of course, we have my high school choir- messy relationships, cards against humanity, midnight frozen yogurt, parking lot therapy sessions, and really just whole lot of love <3

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― Jules

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