Hello beautiful hearters,

Since Spring has already begun, I'm going to talk about 5 ways to take care your self during this spring. We get so caught up in our daily school life that we don't get much time to really take care and nurture our self. But we can at least treat our self with some love during this spring break, weekends and on days off right? Without further due, let's begin:

1. Hair

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Because you don't get time to take care of your hair often, why not treat your hair with some love this spring. Apply coconut oil on your hair at least 30 min before you wash your hair. You can actually keep it overnight and wash your hair in morning. Doing so will nourish your hair making it grow thicker and longer in the long run. Tip: coconut oil is really good for head massage.

2. Skin

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Take care of your skin this spring break or when you are free , your skin will thank you later. If you haven't apply face mask in a while, it's time girl. You can make DIY face mask if you don't have one. All you need is half ripe tomato and one table spoon of honey. Blend the tomato in the mixer like a smoothie and then mix honey with it. After you apply it on your face, keep it for 15 min on your face and then rinse. You can use this face mask twice a week if you like. It will give you radiant and blemish free skin over time.

3. Hydrate

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Nothing clears your skin more than water. So never forget to hydrate yourself, always carry a water bottle in your bag. If you are like me and always forget to eat fruits, cut some fruit and put that in your water. It's a really healthy way to hydrate yourself. Tip: You can lose weight by drinking water as it acts as appetite suppressant.

4. Eat greens

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When I say eat greens, I mean eat more vegetables and salad with your meal regularly. While eating processed and fast food seems satisfying for a short term, you know that it's really not doing any good for you health. If possible, just don't eat junk food, processed food and specially greasy ones. Go for more healthy food, greens, beans, veggie, brown wheat bread and what not. Also try to eat fruits if you can after every meal. Maintaining healthy diets will help you maintain a balanced weight, make you feel good and even think positively in your day to day life.

5. Workout

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I am gonna get real here, i know many of us face hard times being positive sometimes. When you are constantly thinking negatively about life or lacks motivation, most of the time it's because you don't workout. People who workout or constantly stretches their body tend to think more positive in general, they are even productive. So when you have time, take time to do workout on that day, or if you don't feel like working out, at least stretch your body for 15 min. It will definitely improve your mental health, as well as physical and a plus point, it will clear your skin. If you don't know how to workout or where to start from there are many articles here on we heart it and you can also checkout on pinterest, they have really great tips.

And that's it for today. I hope this articles help you in some way. Don't forget to heart this article if you like it. ;)