hello and thanks to everyone who read and loved my first article !!!! as you can tell from the title, i will be sharing my personal favorite female rnb artists. i'll list out my favorite songs from them along w a couple of pictures.

most of these girls are pretty recent (2016 - 2017)

let's get to it !

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sabrina claudio
beauty, art, and model image
favorites: everlasting love, stand still, belong to you

i was going thru this playlist someone made and i found her music when it shuffled randomly & i just fell in love with her voice. it is so soothing and soft y'all are gonna fall in love with it. she's extremely underrated and talented give her a try !!!

jhene and jhene aiko image
jhene aiko
jhene aiko image girl image
favorites: blue dream, the worst, when we love

jhene's voice is also very soothing and her music has more of the slower vibes but she's still one of my underrated favs. my favorite album by her would be "souled out". but give her a listen too !!

kehlani, red, and tattoo image
kehlani image
favorites: alive, yet, personal, honey

kehlani is so underrated and talented, her most underrated album would definitely be "you should be here". she's also really vocally talented too.

ella mai and itsellamai image
ella mai
ella mai and smile image Temporarily removed
favorites: she don't & one day

EXTREMELY underrated, not a lot of people know about her but she's a very cute and sweet girl and she's got those songs when you really wanna move on from someone. very relatable also give her a try .

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i hope these recommendations were somewhat useful but thanks for reading. also a really big thanks to everyone who liked my last article (right below if you're interested).

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