Hi everybody,
I've been wanting to try this for a while now, and I think this is the perfect time to start. Anyways, I wanted to talk about something I tried a couple weeks ago. So I was having stomach problems, mostly stomach aches, I decided to stop eating, and I just drank water. At first this wasn't hard because I wasn't feeling that good to begin with, so it was quite easy for me, though most people who try this say that the beginning is the worst part.
Basically, you stop craving everything, and food no longer intrigues you. It's like your body starts to get used to not eating or something. Honestly, throughout the whole thing, I didn't feel hungry at all.
I went for 31 hours and 16 minutes, and the only thing that made me eat, is that I started feeling dizzy, and I didn't want anything serious to happen. You'd think that after staying more than a day without food, you'd eat a whole pig, but this is all I ate, and some rice pudding for some sugar. I was really full too.

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After doing my research, I found out that what I did is actually a thing! It's called water fasting, so basically you stop eating, and you just drink water. This fast is really good for your body, it gets rid of anything toxic in it, lowers your blood pressure, and many other stuff.

This is a video that will explain more about this concept.

With all that said, I actually felt really bad after eating. I got stomach aches again, and I just loved fasting. It made me feel great doing it.
No, I don't have an eating disorder, and no I wasn't trying to hurt myself. I'm not influencing anyone to try this, even though it has many benefits if done correctly, but I thought, if I did this anyways, I might as well share it with you guys :)