i make a spotify playlist every month and add all the songs i've been listening to. here are my favourites from march!

i don't wanna dance - coin
control (secretly sorry) - jr jr
fire - diskopunk
why do you feel so down - declan mckenna
boyfriend - coin
d'you have a car? - swmrs
dark red - steve lacy
super mario world - logic
hard to say goodbye - washed out
getting to me - caroline rose
alrighty aphodite - peach pit
not me - peach pit
september fades - ralph
impostor syndrome - sidney gish
strawberries & cigarettes - troye sivan
instead of my room - charlie burg
sports - beach bunny
despite the warning - varsity
die young - max frost
fine, great - modern baseball
pch - jaden smith
cool party - mal bum
a living human girl - the regrettes

playlist on spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/emilykspencer1/playlist/6fvzXxPxF6qvbwHe6VyITJ?si=T7dq8MPbT22XrZ9QHWbq7g

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the march mood