Hi, have been a lot of time since i wrote my last article but i return to write again.
Now i want to talk about some things that always happen when you're in love, when you have boy/girlfriend, or in other cases when you have a crush, in general i'm going to talk about the relationships and about the love.
Always that you're in a situation like that you think that this person is going to stay always with you, that you're going to marry with him/her, and of course is good that you dream with that person, but you have to know that nothing is for ever, so you have to enjoy every moment, no matter if is one day, one week, one month, one hour, no matter anything, enjoy every moment with your special person and in that way at the end of the relationship you're going to have good and bad memories.
The most important thing is about self-love, you can fall in love with many people but if you don't have self love is going to be difficult that someone else love you in the way that you want.

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And to conclude, don't forget that everything happen for a reason, while you are crying because someone broke with you, other excellent people is going to arrive in your life.