It okay to change, its okay not to change. Ultimately the choice is yours.

Yet, how do you or I know what is a good change or what is a bad change. I guess it is a learning experience and that is how we figure it out but be careful. Always be cautious. Know to trust your instincts, know that your soul will be there to guide you, have the trust within yourself.

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I truly believe that if you want to change you need to have this trust with yourself to want that change, it is a step that I think needs to be done. It may be a hard one but go for it, what do you have to lose?

Yourself? yet this could be the journey you truly find yourself or it could be the beginning.

It can start simply by

  • Cleaning your room and creating this space to be your safe place
  • Start a journal, clean your mind, write goals down, anything
  • Listen to music, dance, find something you love
  • Even getting to understand your thoughts, overthinking can sometimes be good. your mind is telling you that maybe your really need to find yourself. Don't always associate it as a bad thing.
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Do this for you no one else, try to be the good in the world.

Be you, stay true - Someclarity