Traveling is the most fun thing to do in the whole world, but it's also a little complicated. Here are some useful tips you can use to prepare for your next journey. Expect part two tomorrow :)

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#1 Always check the weather

Don't just asume the weather is going to be supper nice 24/7 while you are there. Always use the weather app to check if there is going to be any rain (specially if you are going to the tropics), heat, etc.

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I hope that where you're going has a great weather!

#2 Clothes

It doesn't matter if you are going on a road trip or if you are traveling by air: DRESS WITH LAYERS. I can not stress this enough, but layers are going to make your life so much easier if you know how to do it well. It's really simple, use a pair jeans (you can combine them with anything). Also wear a cute shirt, and on top wear a hoodie or a light coat. When you are on the road or on the plane you can use it as a pillow or as a blanket.

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Dress cute, simple and comfortable.

#3 Make Lists

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This is a simple one, but make a check list to make sure you packed everything. Write down even the simpliest and obvious things like your toothbrush. (I know the image is out of context but whatever...)

#4 Live like a local!

Being a tourist is cool and all but if you really want to get to know the place you are visiting... Just go where the locals go! Eat where the locals eat! It's usually cheaper and you will get to see the culture much better than the places tourists usually go. Pro tip: Don't just live like one while you are there... interact with one! Ask the locals anything related to where to go, what food to try, which zones are dangerous, where to shop, etc. This will save you money and time researching.

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More than traveling, emerging on culture will expand your horizons.

#5 Go out

I know you are on vacations and you just want to chill at your hotel/restort, but try to go out! I am saying this for a reason.