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Does anybody knows where this comes from?

I love how it sounds, it's been a couple of years now that I've been trying to have my own garden, but it's extremely hard when I move from house to house, different city every year; but it seems like I'll finally settle in one place for a while, well...

I think my job from now on will be studying all I can about my favorite flowers (because, yes, they are all of my aesthetic these days and that's an important thing)

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I don't feel good, I don't feel complete, I know I'm not being myself these days

I barely talk with people my age, and when new people come, I always find a way to not see them again, I'm not only socially anxious, I'm anxious also when I'm alone but that's a conversation for another day

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And if I can't talk to people, I will use my time the most creative way I can, and for now on, I will live for my aesthetic, hoping that will calm my anxiety, I hope I don't sound crazy, if I do, can somebody tell me?

Till next time...