This month was one of my favorite months so far because I actually saw and felt change. The only big big change that I SAW was my butt was bigger and my muffin top isn't so big anymore. I felt good about myself even more. I can lift heavier now;
• Anything with lifting w/legs, I can lift about 65-75lbs(which is idk about 29.4 - 34 kg)
• Bench press 30lbs (13.6lbs)
• Mostly anything with arms, 20lbs (9 kg)

Reason for me lifting lighter with arms is I'm training my legs/lower body more than my upper body. In comparison with last month which can only lift;
• Anything with legs, 45lbs (20.4 kg)
• Bench press 15lbs (6.8 kg)
• Mostly anything with arms, 10lbs (4.5kg)
One of my only set backs were recently when I didn't workout for like 4 - 5days or so.
Until I quite my excuses and worked out.

Each month I learn something new. So each month I'll be telling you what I learned this month;
1. Workout 3-4 hours after you have eaten.
2. Do low reps with high weight, high reps with low weight
3. Every month, increase the amount of weight you're lifting. But make sure you can lift it and that its not soo soo easy to lift. Or increase the amiunt of reps you're doing.


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