Sweetie pies ,today i am gonna shared some things about me, you probably don't care but i'm going to do any way , cause this article is about that , let's just start with this...

  • 1 - I'm 18 years old
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Breaking hearts since 99'
  • 2 - My birthday is on december 9th so I'm sagittarius
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And i love christmas with my whole life.
  • 3 - I have brown eyes and my hair is also brown
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my hair is above my shoulders and is wavy.
  • 4 - I have short people problems cause , i'm 5'1"
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People are always surprised by my little hands and feet
  • 5. - I'm latina, particularly from Chile
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I speak spanish btw.
  • 6 - I'm scared of people in disguises
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I'm just scared of this kind of disguises ,i just don't understand how people can take pictures with them,since i was little i see one of this and i just avoid them.I can't explain my fear , is irrational , i know.
  • 7- I'm learning pastry
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maybe they are not the best in the world but I try.
  • 8 - Book lover
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Books are precious.
  • 9 - I love watching movies & series
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  • 10 - I have a Cat
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Her name is Matilda.
  • 11 - FUN FACT: I can do this tongue things
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sometimes it feels like a superpower because not all people can do that.
  • 12 - I really like Art
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I love pencils with my life and i love drawing.
  • 13 - I LOVE SOCKS
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Maybe i own more than 60 or 70 pairs.I got a problem,please don't judge me.

I hope you liked it and that you do not find me so weird.

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