Well hello again people today I'm doing a challenge with my beautiful friend: ↡↡
☽ B E A ☾
☽ B E A ☾
So my name is Jasmin and definitely it wasn't easy to find some words that start with the letter "I" luckily my name is short but yeah, let's get this started already


𝓙ust Hold On - Louis Tomlinson
𝓐nother Love - Tom Odell
𝓢ign Of The Times - Harry Styles
ℳr. Brightside - The Killers
𝓘dle Worship - Paramore
𝓝ot About Angels - Birdy
louis, louis tomlinson, and tomlinson image 90s, indie, and beauty image Harry Styles image birdy image


𝓙ustice League (Movie)
𝓐merican Horror Story (Series )
𝓢tranger Things (Series)
ℳaze Runner (Movie)
𝓘Carly (Series)
𝓝eed For Speed (Movie)
series, netflix, and stranger things image newt, thomas, and the maze runner image icarly and one direction image aww, julia, and movie image


𝓙oe Keery (Actor and Musician)
𝓐ndrew Lincoln (Actor and bit of a Singer)
𝓢am Smith (Singer)
ℳadelaine Petsch (Actress)
𝓘man Meskini (Actress)
𝓝orman Reedus (Actor)
rick, the walking dead, and andrew lincoln image color and sam smith image actress, celebrity, and Queen image norman reedus, twd, and the walking dead image


𝓙ane Eyre By Charlotte Brontë
𝓐ll The Bright Places By Jennifer Niven
𝓢hiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls) By Maggie Stiefvater
ℳilk and Honey Rupi Kaur
𝓘'll Give You The Sun By Jandy Nelson
The 𝓝ight We Said Yes By Lauren Gibaldi
book, aesthetic, and flowers image book, all the bright places, and photography image book, forever, and shiver image Image by m ♡


child and smile image child, adventure, and kids image Inspiring Image on WHI tree, boy, and photography image


Jokes I do tell great jokes!!! and beside I love making people laugh/smile
Awkward Don't know why but I consider myself an awkward person for some reason people think is funny
Sunrise sometimes I stay up just to see the sunrise, I love to see the sunrise it makes me feel at ease (:
ℳusic Can't live without it I don't think someone could
𝓘 love Flowers and plants what can I say, I just do
𝓝orthern Lights One of the things on my bucket list
smile, love, and quotes image
flowers, boy, and happy image loser, smile, and photography image girl, smoke, and tumblr image music, vintage, and photography image
⧟ Now I tag ♡♡
And any other person who wants to do this challenge (:
And yeah that's is it, hope you've liked it till then
Yours truly...
~ • Daydream Gazing • ~