PRINCESS (or queen)

This is another take on the " If I Were A..." challenge. This article displays me as a princess or queen. I Hope you like it and it inspires you to do your own...
- from one Royal to the other ;)

My Home

castle, green, and nature image castle, nature, and beautiful image candle, castle, and aesthetic image architecture, art, and church image castle, dungeon, and harry potter image aesthetic, beautiful, and gold image
built among the forest and gorgeous on the inside

My BedRoom And BathRoom

luxury, gold, and diamonds image Temporarily removed bedroom, pink, and princess image
expensive, pink, gold, and fabulous

My Style

art, chic, and fashion image dress image beautiful, dress, and glamour image
floral, lacey, and unique

My Throne and Crown

chair, edit, and editing image Image by Maya crown image
queen crown and princess tiara

That is all !! I hope you enjoyed it.

Also, a show about royals for you to watch is a series called Reign. I 100% recommend. Its one of my favorite television series, and its on Netflix!

court, france, and gif image beauty, dance, and historical image