So, I've been scrolling through Instagram and lately I've been seeing many people wearing vintage clothes. I love that this generation is bringing back trends from the 90s because those were the best years! A few months ago, I went thrift shopping and found a lot of clothes that I am in love with! In this article, I'll be sharing my favorite 90s trends and giving you tips to perfect your thrift shopping skills! (Scroll down to the end to get some tips!)

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Graphic Tees

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Honestly, I am OBSESSED with graphic tees. They make any basic outfit better and are super cheap! Wearing t-shirts with your favorite 90s movie on it will give you nostalgia I stg.

Mom Jeans

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I mean, what better way to dress like a 90s bitch, than to wear mom jeans? AMIRITE? They pair nicely with your graphic tees and with any outfit you wear!

Long sleeves & T-shirts

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No words to express how happy I am that this trend exists. Graphic tees are adorable and paring a long-sleeved tee underneath it adds PIZZAZZ!

Slip dresses & long sleeve shirts

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I love love love this combination, because it not only looks cute, but you can pair it with ANY colored shirt you like! Plaid or no plaid, it will look fabulous either way!

Checkered anything

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Checkered shoes, dresses, skirts, shirts, or even socks! It makes your outfit 100000000% more vintage.

Over-sized jackets

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All I can say is: It makes you look gucci as fuck.


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These are super stylish and you can find them for very cheap prices online!

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- Buy vintage sunglasses on the app called "Wish". They have such low prices that are as little as $1.00! Even some companies sell sunglasses for FREE, but all you have to do is pay for shipping!

- While thrift shopping, bring your phone and headphones. (And your wallet of course!)

- If you are planning on thrift shopping, wear comfortable clothes that are easy to remove, because you will be trying on LOTS and LOTS of clothes!

- LOOK THROUGH THE WHOLE STORE! Even if you would have to stay there all night, it's worth it, right?

- Listen to your favorite songs! It will make it easier for you to look through clothes with ease!

- Look in both the mens AND womens section. They have a majority of great clothes and who knows, you might find something you like from both sections!

- In the men's section, they have great: oversized shirts, denim, tees, jackets, and hats.

- In the women's section, they have great: tees, scarves, hats, and jackets.

- One major tip to not forget about....HAVE FUN! Be sure to have fun and be safe, because some thrift stores may be sketchy!