16 was a year full of firsts. I had my first love, first heartbreak, first job, etc. I experience almost everything I thought I could. Still haven't experienced a pot brownie, so that's good. I'm technically not done with being 16, but mentally I am.

List 10 things you would tell your 16-year-old self if you could

1). He wasn't worth it

Let me just say a couple words. Khyron was definitely not worth the nights crying yourself to sleep and pages of poetic words.

2) standing up

I am still so proud of you for standing up for yourself and getting that 100. Yes, you will forever think of how proud your teacher and friends were of you.

3) Love yourself

The title speaks for itself.

4) Stop comparing yourself and be yourself!!!

This pretty much goes with the other one, buT STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO LITTLE EVERYONE. You're Billie not Toni, Piper, or Lauryn. Start being who you know you are.

5). Have fun

Let loose once and a while and go see a movie. It doesn't have to be a shit ton of people, It can just be you

6). Keep writing

Keep doing what you love

7). Stop playing bullshit buzzfeed quizzes and do your homework

You've never done a buzzfeed quiz but the point still stands. You could be passing all your classes if you stopped playing around.

8). Tone done the snapping a little bit

One thing you've noticed is that you constantly snap at people that try to help. Less sarcastic, rude Billie and more sunshine, kind Billie.

9). Stop being judgemental

You're afraid of being judging you, so you judge them first. You've done this since you were 12 and it needs to stop. Have self-confidence and you won't have to constantly tear others done.

10). Keep your friends close

Going MIA for a day or two is completely normal for you to do, just don't forget the ones you love.

I'm actually going to miss being 16. It was actually kind of fun

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