Helloooo, so as i am currently only about a month away from my GCSE's (exams) as are many of you i thought i would write an article on ways to revise and how to deal with all the stress of exams which to be completely honest idek if im handling it that well but anyway enjoy readingggg! oh and just remember that these methods may not work for you as everyone has their own way of learning but just find a way that works best for you and im sure you'll be fineee.

1) Flashcards

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for me flashcards are deffo the best way for me to revise they've helped me so much and they're also really helpful for subjects like history,geography,maths or quotes for english.

2) Take breaks and don't cram too much info

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take frequent short breaks and remember to stay hydrated and eat. also dont revise for hours on end because you're brain wont remember all the information its a lot better to do about half an hour then take a break then start again.

3) Do practice papers

This is a really good way to get used to the papers and you can also see what you do and don't know.

4) Create a revision timetable

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Personally, this method acc doesn't help me that much apart from when it gets closer to the real exams.

5) Explain the topic to someone else

This could be so parents,siblings or friends and this technique really helps me.

6) Re-write old essays/answers

For example write an old english essay so you can clearly see where you went wrong before.

7) Eat breakfast

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Firstly, this will make your brain feel so much more active and awake so you're prepared for your exams and second of all this will stop your stomach from rumbling during the exam which scares me so much because theres been so so many times when this has happened before.

8) Know where your sat and when your exams are

This stops you feeling even more stressed on the actual day and you'll be able to focus on just the exam.

There are so many more tips and methods but i hope you fine these ones useful. Thanks for reading and to anyone sitting exams soon, Good Luck!! x