15. Victoria Justice

Temporarily removed Image removed
Image by NooraMoon
She looks absolutely gorgeous!

14. Dove Cameron

eye and girlspower image blonde, tumblrgirl, and style image
dove cameron, smile, and blonde image
She looks like a living Barbie, only cuter

13. Cindy Kimberly

cindy kimberly image Image by AlissaMaria
cindy kimberly, wolfiecindy, and model image
I found out about her recently, and I think she is stunning.

12. Gigi Hadid

gigi hadid, model, and gigi image Temporarily removed
beauty, Queen, and perfect image
What a beauty!

11. Holland Roden

baby, green, and Queen image Image removed
beautiful, teen wolf, and holland roden image
I think she is one of the prettiest actresses out there

10. Rachel McAdams

celebrities, rachel mcadams, and sexy image Image removed
rachel mcadams image
Also one of those incredibly breathtaking actresses

9. Ashley Benson

ashley benson, pretty little liars, and hanna marin image ashley benson and pll image
ashley benson, pretty little liars, and pll image
A liar you would believe every word.

8. Andriana Lima

Adriana Lima, model, and fashion image Image removed
Image removed
Just wow.

7. Shelley Hennig

teen wolf, malia tate, and shelley hennig image icon and shelley hennig image
shelley hennig image
She leaves me speechless

6. Sara Sampaio

Image by . sarasampaio image
Image removed
Can she be more gorgeous?

5. Taylor Swift

Image by NISHA Taylor Swift and red image Image by Beatrice Inspiring Image on We Heart It
era, press conference, and Taylor Swift image
Even tho a lot of people dislike her, she has always been my beauty queen

4. Madison Beer

madison beer, food, and makeup image madison beer, madison, and model image Image by Javs Gray Image by redcheeksbaby
Image removed
I could look at her for hours. Soooo pretty

3. Selena Gomez

selena gomez and selena image fashion, girl, and hair image selena gomez, selena, and beauty image selena gomez and selena image
selena gomez, selena, and gomez image
Is she even real?! damn girl

2. Alexis Ren

fashion, summer, and sunnies image Image removed Mature image alexis ren and girls image
alexis ren image
To be honest, I'm obsessed with her. She is easily one of the most perfect girls in the world. She has an amazing body and really beautiful smile.

1. Barbara Palvin

barbara palvin image beach, bikinis, and girls image blue eyes, choker, and hair image Image by Sad Clown dark, girls, and lips image Image by Kiwi
Image removed
She is so damn perfect. In my opinion, the most perfect face ever belongs to her.

Hope you enjoyed!
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