When I'm not watching my tv shows I'm blasting music, to me its not about how popular the song is. But how powerful the lyrics are to me, I'm big on finding 90% of my music on my tv shows to be honest.

15. Fragile World by Alberto Rosende

lewis, music, and simon image tv show, alberto, and shadowhunters image tv show, alberto, and shadowhunters image lewis, music, and quotes image
This song is mostly for the tv show Shadowhunters. In the book the character of Simon does sing, so i was really excited to see how they put this together so beautiful.

14. Delicate by Taylor Swift

delicate, Lyrics, and music image delicate, Swift, and music image Taylor Swift, delicate, and beautiful image delicate, Lyrics, and music image
I really didn't like this song at first but then it grew on me, and i became addicted to it. It has that "Taylor did this song?" vibe and its on repeat a lot!.

13. Body by Loud Luxury

body, music, and screencap image body, luxury, and music image body, music, and screencap image body, music, and screencap image
This really isn't a song a lot of people see me listening to, but i just love the video and the upbeat it has. Yes its very sexual, but everyone secretly has that side to them!

12. Red Lighter by Somo

somo image rose, fire, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed somo image
I actually went to see Somo live in Nashville with my ex. We went to the concert because my ex was a big fan of somo, sadly i never heard of the guy. The concert was coming to an end, and i still wasn't that impressed of him until he sang his last song "Red Lighter" just the way he hit the notes made me speechless. I literally was crying by the end of the song. This song has so much impact of my life, just the way he sings "rain, rain" repeatedly just gets me to tear up every time!

11. California by Dzeko

music, screencap, and dzeko image california, music, and screencap image music, screencap, and view image california, couple, and music image
The reason why this song is on my list, is for my Husband, he is from California. Every time i hear this song i think of him; plus i also sing it to him when i hear it, lets just say he hates car rides! kidding!

10. Breathing by Yellowcard

black and white, guitar, and ryan image band, cover, and music image warped tour, music, and band image bands, blau, and pop punk image
This is the reason i went to Warped tour for a decade now. Sadly Yellowcard has ended, but i will not stop enjoying their music. This song spoke to me when i hit rock bottom in high school. It's an oldie but it still touches my soul.

09. Gorgeous By X Ambassador

edit, gorgeous, and Lyrics image x ambassadors image concert, music, and Philadelphia image Temporarily removed
You're Gorgeous.

08. Tied up by Casey Veggies and DeJ Loaf

Temporarily removed music, casey veggies, and dej loaf image music, tied up, and casey veggies image class, boy, and hip hop image
Just something about this song that makes me fall in love with it! its a must listen to.

07. Friends by Marshmello and Anne-Marie

Inspiring Image on We Heart It playlist, marshmello, and anne-marie image entertainment, feelings, and film image aesthetic, alternative, and funny image
So this song is super catchy, and if you haven't go watch both of the music videos for this song. they are too funny and need to watch!

06. Never Over You by Rozzi

music, screencap, and rozzi image Temporarily removed photoshoot, rozzi, and never over you image Image removed
So this song just speaks for itself, Rozzi is amazing artist and deserves more credit and needs to get more notice!

05. Perfect by Ally Brooke and Topic

brooke, music, and quotes image music, singer, and single image Lyrics, music, and quotes image brooke, music, and quotes image
this song is so cute, it tells a story of a guy actually liking a girl for something else instead of her looks! And we all have a future husband in our heads, i did.

04. Sink in by Amy Shark

Temporarily removed book, love simon, and becky albertalli image love simon image gif, love simon, and nick robinson image
So i haven't read the book yet, but I'm super excited to see the movie. Amy Shark made my other favorite song Adore, couldn't add it to the list but she's a brilliant singer!

03. Sabotage by Amy Stroup

Image removed music, sabotage, and the resident image artist, singer, and sabotage image gif, matt czuchry, and the resident image
Watching a new tv show called The Resident, and at the end of one of the episodes this song played. And i spent a bit trying to find the Artist, and i found the song on iTunes and i will never regret getting this song. must seen show its on Hulu and you have to listen to this song you will not regret it!

02. Put Me Back Together by Cheat Codes ft Kiiara

artistic, back, and put image kiiara image music, kiiara, and cheat codes image music, kiiara, and wallpaper image
This song is also catching, Cheat codes has been making amazing music for quite sometime now. This song deserves the notice! hoping to see more of magic songs from this artist in the future!

01A. Poison by Taylor Grey

music, poison, and taylor grey image Miami, poison, and taylor grey image music, poison, and taylor grey image music, poison, and taylor grey image
Yes I have an A after the number 1, but thats because i have two favorite number 1 songs i just couldn't decide. so here is part A, this song is beautiful and sad at the same time. get your tissues out just incase it hits you. If you haven't heard this song and you want to, focus on the lyrics first, then the second time just hear the beats and instruments. Third time, listen to the whole song, its perfect!.

#)1B. 2 Cigarettes by Jack and Jack

jack gilinsky image Lyrics, music, and quote image jack johnson, music, and screencap image jack johnson image
Now we are at the very end of my list, this song is amazing and sad. I've been a fan of Jack and Jack for awhile now, very entertaining on Vine. The music video for this song is beyond beautiful and its just peaceful to listen. I've cried once in awhile listening to this song, but its just breathe-taking.

Okay we are finally finished from my list and I'm finished with this article! Sorry if I'm not posting fast enough. I still have a lot of articles to make, give me more ideas I'm open to anything! it might take a bit before i post another one.

Liked any of my photos with quotes, you will find them on my Instagram by the end of this week. I love making quotes, know a movie or tv show with an awesome quote? let me know, i take any genre. Okie, have a great day and remember you are beautiful and amazing! <3.