There's going to be times in your life when you don't feel like you're life is going anywhere. There's going to be nights when you're just going to have to enjoy your own company and that's okay. You're the captain of your boat so keep sailing. There's going to be times when nothing is going your way and your friends aren't around. As a 23 year captain, I understand those lonely nights when you're looking around to see if your peers have jumped off your ship to go back to there ship or somebody else's ship. The best thing to do sometimes is to just look at your ship to see if there are any repairs needed. Every captain goes through crazy storms. You might even see improvements you could add to your ship or try a new flag or a new helm. Take care of your ship captain because nobody knows your ship better than you and nobody wants to repair a ship with no potential. Just keep sailing in the direction of you want to go and don't let anything stop you. You'll be surprised to see who wants to join your wave and the sailors that want to enjoy your ship.