Hi guys! So I decided to write my first article, and today I'm going to talk about what I do before going to sleep, so you can inspire from me if you want. Let's begin! (sorry if my English is bad)

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1. Turn off your cellphone and all your electronic devices. Also organize your backpack (if you go to school or college) and make a to-do list or a list of everything you would like to do the next day search
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2. Put on a comfy pajama and your hair in a bun
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3. Wash your face with your favorite cleanser, tone, put a facemask and finally moisturize I like to use biore activated charcoal cleanser, it's so good specially if you have a little bit of acne and kinda oily skin
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4. Don't forget to wash your teeth! Give your teeth the attention they need
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5. Put some castor oil in your eyelashes and eyebrows. Maybe you already know that castor oil can help your eyelashes grow and trust me it does. You can see result in some weeks but you have to be constant
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6. Drink a glass of water and go to sleep beauty! You deserve it. You will feel fresh the next morning

So that's everything for now, hope you liked and it inspired you make your own night routine or copy mine jejeje, it's ok. XO

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