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DAY 5 - What sound are you grateful for?

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I am grateful for the sound of the falling rain.

I don't usually enjoy the rain.It doesn't let me take pleasure in my walks,its humidity ruins my hair and watching it fall from behind a window is quite boring.

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As I was trying to answer the above question,however,I threw a look outside my window and the view hit me:the sky was the colour of old red wine and one single tree was twisting and turning the way the wind told it to.

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The simplicity and beauty of that scenery was amplified by the raining, and for a moment the only sound my weary brain could appreciate was that of raindrops hitting glass.

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Even if tomorrow I avoid going out exactly because I hate getting wet clothes and frizzy hair,tonight I am more than grateful to be falling asleep to the sound of rain.

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This was day five.Thank you for reading!

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