I don't know if this is a normal thing, or it's just me, but I have really mixed feelings about rainy weather. Since I'm staying in IRL currently, I'm kind of used to it now, but I still don't like it sometimes, while other times I'm enjoying it.
Rainy days usually make me sentimental, nostalgic, sometimes even sad for no particular reason. On these days (or on those I don't have work) I like to do calming activities, like listening to chill songs, drawing, reading, and so on.
So I thought I should make a list about the songs I find perfect for these "wet" days, hope you like it. :) I tried to like separate them in two, first the kinda upbeat, happy songs and then the more sentimental ones - just in case you are looking for one specific type. :D

- Joyce Jonathan - Ça Ira (French)
- Mindy Gledhill - Crazy Love (official stalker song)
- Mindy Gledhill - See The Good
- Suran ft. Changmo - Wine (Korean)
- Urban Zakapa - YAYAYA (Korean)
- Louis Armstrong - La vie en rose (I'm sure you know this song)

- Caroline Costa - Maintenant, acoustic version (French)
- ViXX LR - Beautiful Liar (Korean)
- AKMU - Last Goodbye (Korean)
- Kim Jaejoong ft. Gummy - Shiny Days (Korean)
- Michael Ray - Get To You
- 5SOS - Amnesia
- Dashboard Confessional - Stolen

i feel like I left out some songs, but i can come back later to this list anyway :))