Hi Guys! You know how much fun writing articles are :) Today I am back with another fun one! This article I saw earlier today and wanted to jump right into it so... Let us begin!

First Let me give credit to the creator behind this brilliant idea:

Be sure to follow and check out the original article as well :)

And here we go:

L- Laughable

laugh image

A- Awkward

Image removed I Love You, i need you, and instagram image

U: Unusual

beetlejuice, strange, and unusual image

R: Resilient

Temporarily removed

E: Enchanted

enchanted, Lyrics, and pastel image Taylor Swift, enchanted, and Swift image

N: Naive

quotes image

That's all I have for today :) I want to post another article but I am still brainstorming. Until then, I'll see you guys again soon <3 Take care and have a blessed Easter weekend!