You know what’s hard?

Being indifferent.

Trying not to care about someone even though you subconsciously do.
Trying not to care about your own life but when comes to it you would still choose to live in a heart beat.
Caring is pain.
Worrying is pain.
But also not caring brings you pain, you just can’t see it.
It’s like you’re under some sort of veil.
Not seeing what is happening right in front of your own two eyes.
Because you think you don’t care.
Because you think you just don’t give a f**k anymore about anything.
But in reality…
You care more than you’ve ever had.
You just don’t want that someone you love or care about to get hurt or yourself to get any more damaged than you already are.
That’s why you’ve put up that veil.
The veil is there just because you want to fool yourself, and that’s the only person it is going to fool.

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