i just published an article about smoothies and why they are so beneficial.
and i wanted to add something about sugar that goes more into detail, so here are the additional informations for everyone who's a bit more interested in the topic :)

fruits are pretty high in sugar, so i'm not a fan of only putting tons of fruits in a blender and have only that as a breakfast.
even though fruits are a "better than average" source of sugar, because they give you quick energy but not such an intense blood sugar spike like juices or a typical western breakfast (e.g. toast with jelly or choclate spread, cereal, starbucks coffee, ...)*.
because fruits have a lot of fiber and that slows the processing of the sugar down and by that keeps you full and energized longer without having too much energy so that you would have to store it (-> weight gain).
i would recommend to basically avoid everything that's highly processed and contains a lot of sugar or too many artificial additives.

a too high intake of sugar can lead to:
- weigth gain
- lower ability to focus
- low energy levels after the blood sugar is reduced again
- iritated/damaged gut
- earlier aging cells, which leads to wrinkles and tired looking skin

so, you see, there's really no benefit to eating sugar. the only reason we still do it is the high dopamin response the sweet taste gives us. it works excactly like a drug, [and a diet that is filled with loads of simple carbohydrates (like pasta, pizza, bread, most salad dressings, ketchup, chips, ...) is actually even more harmful than consuming cannabis.]
and as a result many people struggle with keeping up a healthy, balanced diet.
but i'll give you tips on how to do it :*

tell me if you'd like more information about scientific health tips and maybe i'll make a series out of it, like
"things that every human who cares about their nutrition and health should know" :)

i wish you all the best and hope you achieve your health goals by balancing your diet and your lifestyle :)

xx, a random girl from the internet

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