It`s hard to forget the person that truly love you how you are. ~ Andjeli. R

Look where I am now, crying and thinking of all the unforgettable moments that we started together but couldn`t close together on the right way. Why I`m still alive? I wanted to die together; on one place, with one soul.

You were the person I wanted to spend whole my life with. You was the person where I could lose and tell all my sorrow, loss and dreams. With whom can I now lose and tell everything? Throw the ups and down you always be there for me. I remind the first time that you told me you love me. In the way you loved me and cared for me, nobody can do that.

I don`t know where you are now, but I always gonna remember our last moment together, hope you too. That night was the most beautiful and special, and now I understand why. It`s was our last night. Who would have thought that this would be our last moment? Please come back and listen to all the words that my heart screeming inside about you. I only want you back.

I really love you, and you really loved me. Please never forget this.
See you soon.

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- Andjeli

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